Ironbridge Fly Fishing

Roaring Fork at Ironbridge

The Roaring Fork at Ironbridge Golf Course is broken up by a diverse arrangement of water. This stretch of the river consists of shallow water eddies formed off mid river bars, tight pools spread out along riverbanks full of large rocks and deadfall, willow covered beaches that parallel deep holes, and even canyon style rock banks along slow moving flows. It is a mile in total yet
fishes like a couple due to its angled shape, changes in shoreline, and varying water depth. This section of the Gold Medal water is located between Carbondale and Glenwood, a location that tends to fish well all year long from a low to high water mark. During the recent warming trends in late summer, this lower portion of the river has reached temperatures too warm to fish. Perhaps this may be the locales worst aspect as of late, but even throughout the heart of winter you can find twenty inch brown and rainbow trout sipping midges along its calm pools. There are fewer locations along the Roaring Fork that you could hit the baetis hatch or the notorious green drake hatch better than this stretch of water. Never will you find too many people crowding these banks along Ironbridge nor will you worry of someone cutting in front of you. You have the option of accessing this water early mornings before many boats can get down the river or late evening when the rising action of a trout seems ever so present.

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